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Loose Diamonds

With a lifetime of experience sourcing and selling quality diamonds, we understand the intricacies of picking the perfect stone.

From Canadian mined diamonds to Laboratory grown stones, we carry a deep inventory of varying sizes, shapes, and qualities. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and professionalism to guide you through the selection process, giving you the benefit of purchasing with confidence.

Whether you are searching for the perfect centerpiece for an engagement ring, or a matched pair of stones for custom earrings, we are confident we will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Diamonds - Cut


Refers to both the shape of the stone and the quality of the light refraction.

Diamonds - Colour


Colour is the natural tint (or lack thereof) in white diamonds

Diamonds - Clarity


Refers to inclusions found within the stone, varying in size and quantity

Diamonds - Carat


Carat is the weight of a diamond when placed on a scale

From the Vault

Below is a curated selection of Loose Diamonds in our Vault
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0.92ct Emerald Cut

VS2 clarity / I Colour
Very Good Cut

0.81ct Round Brilliant

VS1 clarity / H Colour
Excellent Cut

0.80ct Oval Brilliant

SI1 clarity / G colour
Excellent Cut

1.23ct Round Brilliant

VS2 clarity / G colour
Excellent Cut